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"The only constant is change, and it’s a variable"™


The good news is that humans are highly adaptable until, like the frog, there is nothing more to adapt.

The bad news, see above:


The point is to not think outside of the box, but to be in a different box, looking at your box. Being able to point and laugh at your “outside” box is just an extra bonus feature.


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Random photo from  www.bobfreemanphoto.com

Random photo from www.bobfreemanphoto.com

If space is the future, sending a few people on the top of a burning Hydrogen+Oxygen rocket engine is expensive and dangerous.

We are proposing using the same Hydrogen+Oxygen paradigm to make something that is not as expensive, but still very dangerous.

Hydrogen for lift (balloon), Oxygen + Hydrogen for boost and  the empty shell for a solar sail.

Even if we can only lift small weights out of the atmosphere, the cost would be significantly less than a rocket designed for warfare and modified for travel.

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