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Space exploration is neither cheap, easy, nor safe.

Anyone with a spare $20 million or so can book a ride on a Soviet shuttle or for $500,000, a trip to the outer atmosphere (prices may vary, depending upon where you live, local weather or competition).

We are proposing making it cheaper, but not necessarily easier or safer.

The modified Einstein equation, from e=mc^2 to e=mCc (as shown above), indicates that Hydrogen/Oxygen rockets are not the only way to use these two compounds to break free our gravity well.

We have all the components in place to make cheap space flight a reality:

Abundant Hydrogen and Oxygen

High altitude balloons

Solar Sails

Simply put:

  1. Use a Hydrogen balloon to rise to the maximum height possible

  2. Compress the hydrogen and burn it with Oxygen to boost the system out of the atmosphere

    (being careful not to blow up the ship or fall back to earth)

  3. Convert the now empty balloon to a solar sail and head off into the cosmos

    (or as far as possible using the solar wind).

Simple, not easy, not safe, but cheap and we all know that we need to get off this rock to survive.